Children and the Earthquake in Turkey
Photographs from the earthquake area

The photographs below were taken on visits by the Turkey Research Centre to Adapazari, a city severely affected by the earthquake, to distribute warm childrens clothing and other necessities.

Click on the thumbnails to see the enlarged pictures and a fuller explanation of each picture.

Collapsed old building
Collapsed old building
Damaged old building
Damaged old building
Distributing childrens clothing
Distributing childrens clothing
Tents and shacks
Tents and shacks

Collapsed apartment block graffiti

Another view of the block

Building contractor's board makes an ironic comment

Nothing is wasted

Dolphin tent city

Children at Dolphin Tent City

Playing at Dolphin Tent City

Dolphin Tent City

The Barbers Shack at Dolphin Tent City

Like postwar desolation

Shack with chimney and baby

Distributing clothes at Dolphin City
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