Children and the Earthquake in Turkey
Photographs taken in the earthquake area
Childrens writings about the earthquake
Childrens painting and drawing about the earthquake
The Turkey Research Centre  translated a series of essays by Turkish schoolchildren about the August 17 1999 earthquake that killed some 18,000 people in Yalova, Izmit, Golcuk and Adapazari areas of Turkey.

Since these essays were written, another earthquake in the nearby area around Bolu and Duzce on November 12th has killed another 800 people and left thousands homeless, some for the second time.

The childrens' essays give an idea of the impact of the disaster.

In response to many requests, we have now added to this site photographs taken during visits to the earthquake area by Turkey Research Centre volunteers.

We hope to add more childrens' pictures soon.

Site updated 10th May 2001

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