Children and the Earthquake in Turkey
Childrens writing about the earthquake

Hello, we are six middle school students in Istanbul, Turkey

Nat, our friend in London, asked us to write about how we lived through the earthquake.

You can read our stories by clicking on the links below.

Pinar Onuk
" ...there were terrible deep noises coming from the ground. In the inky black darkness I couldn’t feel my own feet."
Kemal Murat Olur "...just in our little village 24 dead were brought back to be buried. We spent the first day non stop in the graveyard."

Ertunga Gamsiz
"I woke up in the night with the screaming and the sound of dogs barking."

Muge Agiryuruyen
"When we looked at the sky there were stars in the shape of a bear... I thought to myself  'Is this the end of the world?'"

Deniz Aydin
"...there seemed to be more stars in the sky than normal."

Ersu Berkcan Kosem
"Please God, I worship you, if you kill me I won't be able to worship you." 

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