Ersu Berkcan Kosem

Earthquake - a big disaster or a small armageddon

I wasn't in Istanbul for the 7.4 earthquake. I was in Bodrum. They told us the news at about 7am. Gölçük, Eskisehir, Yalova, Cinarcik, Izmit, Adapazari and Avcilar had been razed to the ground. The stuation in Golcuk and Adapazari was very bad. In Golcuk all the buildings were under water. Divers were trying to recover the history lying under the water. Adapazari was no different from Golcuk. But Adapazari wasn't buried under water. The building had collapsed above water. In Izmit the TUPRAS refinery was burning. People were very frightened. In the towns I mentioned many buildings had fallen down or been damaged. I was very upset. People couldn't get used to life in the tent cities. The weather got a lot colder and the people who had lost their houses in the earthquake started to get cold. The tents let the rain in. The the tents put up by the army don't let in the rain. The people got a little bit more comfortable. Some people are still without tents and are sleeping in the streets. We are doing what we can to help. Help is coming from abroad. Children don't have schools to go to. The AKUT teams worked for days. The bulldozers were working for days.

During this time there were lots of aftershocks. On the first day schools opened, because we go to school for the morning shift, we went at 7am. At 12 we finished school and the children who have school  in the afternoons came. At 1500 there was a real 5.2 earthquake. It shook us like we were on a swing. The whole school ran out into the schoolyard. The teachers called the parents to come. We went to the school, too. On Monday night there was another 4.4 earthquake. I was staying at a friend's house. He felt the earthquake, too. Two seconds later his mother came and said that there was an earthquake and that we should go outside. The shaking lasted ten seconds. On Friday we went to school and there was another earthquake of about 4.2. Our teacher said not to take any notice and carried on the lesson. At breaktime I told my Mum that there had been an earthquake. It really had happened, but my Mum didn't believe me.

Hopefully there won't be another earthquake. If it happens, I hope to god that it won't hit Istanbul. Because no-one could help Istanbul, no-one could save us. The AKUT team couldn't come.

Please God, I worship you, if you kill me I won't be able to worship you. Of course, I could worship you from the sky. My Dear God, I love you very very much. I give you my respects.


My handwritten story in Turkish

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