Ertunga Gamsiz

That day the weather was very hot. We sat on the balcony until late. I went to bed at midnight. 

I woke up in the night with the screaming and the sound of dogs barking. There was a terrible shaking. I was very frightened. My Dad came to me straight away. He took me to my Mum. As soon as the earthquake was over he opened the door. I looked out of the window, everyone was in the street. Because the electricity was off, everyone had candles. It was the first time in my life that I had experienced an earthquake. We wandered the streets until morning and there were lots more earthquakes.

We didnít know anyone in Yalova or Golcuk, but I was very sad about the people who were trapped under the rubble. I couldnít get it out of my mind for ages.

My original handwritten report in Turkish

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